Gum disease is very common. In fact, forty-seven percent of American adults have some form of periodontitis. In adults over sixty-five, the prevalence rate is over seventy percent. In the early stages, the treatment involves non-surgical procedures, however if you have more advanced stages, surgery may be required.

The first step in getting rid of gum disease is a regular dental cleaning. After that, we will perform scaling and root planing. This is a special cleaning that removes plaque and tartar from under the gumline and smoothes the root surfaces to promote healing. In most cases, if you receive scaling and root planing and resume regular oral care, your gum disease will resolve.

Some of the most common signs of gum disease are bleeding when eating, brushing, and flossing because your gums are swollen and tender. You also may notice that your gums are starting to recede. If you notice you have sores in between your gum and teeth, you may also have gum disease.

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